Ultrasonic Solutions for Food Processing & Hospitality

Clean your food and beverage equipment and components better and faster with ultrasonic cleaning methods. Kleentek can help you meet even the most stringent inspection requirements while saving you both time and money.

Commercial washing and manual washing doesn’t compare to the complete cleaning that food and beverage equipment receive from ultrasonics. Ultrasonic cleaning eliminates the buildup of oils, syrups, food, stains and other contaminants that equipment in this industry regularly experience.

Ultrasonics is the environmentally friendly way to thoroughly clean items from and on food lines. It even effectively removes grime and contaminants from water coolers without relying on excessive amounts of chemicals.

ultrasonic cleaning for hospitality

Our ultrasonic range for Hospitality

Customer Testimonials

Our MetalKleen range is widely used in the following food and hospitality operations:


Workers in the meat industry spend untold hours cleaning their equipment. What if that time could be dramatically reduced? Ultrasonic cleaning is the answer, by cutting the amount of time, money and labour that abattoirs spend cleaning their knives, stainless steel mesh aprons and gloves.


Extend the life of items like cheese moulds and the plastic crates you use to transport milk. Ultrasonics can save dairies money by providing a fast, safe and efficient way to eliminate contaminants.


Seawater, algae, grease, sand, fish scales and dirt buildup on fishing reels and other equipment can damage them and shorten their lives. Ultrasonic cleaning gently and thoroughly cleans even the most intricate parts.

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

From the largest items found in commercial kitchens to the smallest, ultrasonic cleaning is fast and removes contamination and cooked-on food quickly and easily. Ultrasonics can even effectively clean the items that see the heaviest use, such as ovens, filters, utensils, pots and pans.

Use ultrasonic cleaning on equipment like:

  • Parts used to process food
  • Items used to dispense food
  • Ovens
  • Beverage dispensers
  • Pots and pans
  • Cooking utensils
  • Plastic crates
  • Water coolers
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