Ultrasonic Servicing and Repairs

Extended equipment life and efficient operation are direct benefits of selecting Kleentek to service and maintain your ultrasonic equipment. The regular servicing of your ultrasonic machine will deliver optimum cleaning results.

Expert Ultrasonic Tank Support

By following a preventative maintenance schedule machine downtime will be significantly reduced improving the reliability & integrity of your production processes. Our service contracts are customized for your equipment and operating parameters to help you get the most value from your investment in ultrasonic technology.

Like any equipment, ultrasonic tanks require appropriate maintenance and support in the field. Different industries require different levels of service, validation and calibration. Kleentek understands the needs of your industry and provides after sales service to support this. Our factory trained technicians are ready to serve you throughout Australia.


Preventative Maintenance

Kleentek offer flexible Preventative Maintenance Agreements to provide peace of mind and access to professional advice and technical assistance when required.

  • Annual, bi-annual or quarterly maintenance schedules
  • Performance testing and validation
  • Pre-planned and preventative maintenance
  • Machine calibration and software/hardware updates
  • Full documentation and service certification

Ultrasonic Cleaner Repairs

Kleentek can perform repairs on most ultrasonic equipment, including third-party brands. We also provide servicing and maintenance for most ultrasonic cleaners, to ensure that the machine runs at optimum levels for efficient cleaning. Tuning of ultrasonic generators is recommended at least every six months – without this regular service you risk serious damage to the transducers in your ultrasonic cleaner, resulting in poor performance and ultimately machine failure.

Call Kleentek on 1300 79 73 79 if you have an ultrasonic cleaner that requires repairs or maintenance.

Upgrading your Ultrasonic Cleaner

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