Automotive Engine Overhaul


Note: This case study was undertaken by Kleentek partners, Brulin Holding Corporation (BHC or Brulin), the leading distributor of the Aquavantage cleaning solutions that Kleentek recommends and uses with their equipment.

A machining and engine rebuilding shop in Europe was referred to BHC by an equipment dealer for assistance in improving their engine cleaning process. The customer was preparing engines for overhaul, and needed to remove heavy carbonised soils, oils, grease and ambient debris from various engine parts – including vintage and pre-war vehicle/engine parts. 

The customer’s previous process involved using a 150 litre Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning tank with high alkaline/caustic powder. The cleaning solution was problematic; it was too alkaline for aluminium parts, and was not effective in removing soils from both ferrous and aluminium metals. 

The Testing and Result Process

The recommended process for using the AquaVantage 815QR-NF solution is a concentration of 10-15%, with a temperature of 165°F/74°C, and a wash time of 15 minutes.

The original customer test involved a concentration of 10% (or the low end of the range) of AquaVantage 815QR-NF solution, with a temperature of 140°F/60°C, and a wash time of 30+ minutes. It resulted in unsatisfactory cleaning results. 

BHC encouraged the customer to correct their test; increase the concentration to 12.7%, up the temperature to 158°F/70°C, and reduce the wash time to 20 minutes. 

The corrected testing using AquaVantage 815QR-NF worked, including safely cleaning the aluminium parts without leaving any spotting. The customer, pleased with the process and outcome said, “That’s how I like it!”


BHC recommended the use of AquaVantage 815QR-NF as the industrial cleaning chemical is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning of engines and transportation equipment. The single cleaning solution removes soils from both ferrous and aluminium metals, and does not cause aluminium corrosion. 

Final Comments

BHC and Kleentek advise their customers to monitor and maintain the  AquaVantage 815QR-NF bath regularly to ensure optimal performance. 

Operating parameters such as appropriate temperature are critical in removing overhaul-type soils effectively. 

Overall, the use of the AquaVantage 815QR-NF, in an ultrasonic cleaning system such as the 150 litre Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning tank, provided an excellent result, providing the European machining and engine rebuilding shop an improved cleaning process for the business.

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