Ultrasonic Chemicals

Introducing the Kleentek Ultrasonic Chemical Range

Kleentek Ultrasonic Chemical Solutions are powerful and efficient when used in Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks to clean a variety of surfaces and materials. These Ultrasonic Chemical Solutions are ideal for use in Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, and Laboratory settings where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance.

Ultrasonic and Industrial Cleaning Chemical Products

Prefer us to do the job?

Ultrasonic Cleaning Rates prices are charged on a job by job basis – Small, Medium and Large Basket dimensions are available and approximate basket sizes are shown below. Labour is charged at $1.00 per minute if additional maintenance / cleaning required.

  • Small Basket (44L x 25W x 13D cm)
  • Medium Basket (52L x 52W x 48D cm)
  • Large Basket (104L x 52W x 48D cm)

Baskets are loaded at operator discretion for optimum cleaning. Labour rates include preparing parts, loading, unloading, plus pressure washing  and rinsing if required. All prices exclude GST.

What items can be cleaned with ultrasonics?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a versatile cleaning solution for a number of applications – feel free to give us a call to check if ultrasonic cleaning is beneficial for the item you have in mind. Below are some of the most common applications:

Business TypeExample Applications
Mechanical EngineeringComplicated Manifolds, Hot Glue Gun Parts
AerospaceAircraft Engine Parts, Injectors, Fuel Filters, Oxygen components in Life Support Systems
Engine ReconditionersAlloy & Steel Heads, Pistons, Con Rods
Automotive ServicingTransmission internal parts and valve bodies, Brake Parts, Calipers, Pads, Pistons, Air Intake Paper Filters, Steering Racks and Housings, Inlet / Exhaust Manifolds
Electrical EngineeringElectric motors, Alternators and Generators, PCB stencils
Commercial KitchensSS Toaster Rotating Racks, Stove Tops, Oven Racks, Enamel Oven Tray, Pizza Trays, Cast Iron Skillets, Large Cooking Utensils, Pots & Pans
Home KitchensExhaust Hood Filters, Oven Racks, Enamel Oven Tray
PrintersAnilox Rolls, Machine Parts
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