Ultrasonic Cleaning for Commercial Locomotive Components

Railway and locomotive parts require precision cleaning in order to function and operate properly. Kleentek realises that not all ultrasonic cleaning will take place on small engine components and manufactured parts—sometimes large, complex parts must be cleaned too! No job is too large for Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning solutions.

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Precision Cleaning for Peak Locomotive Performance

Precision cleaning is important throughout the manufacturing and repair of locomotive parts and components just as it’s important in the manufacturing and repair of smaller automotive parts or marine parts. From fabrication to installation and repair, a thoroughly cleaned component that is free from metal scrapings, rust, build up or grease is vital to the proper functioning of railway components such as engine heads, fuel injectors and fuel filters.

Using ultrasonic technology, Kleentek’s system provides consistent cleaning and removal of paint, rust, oil, grease and grime from locomotive parts—all while lowering overall operational costs and reducing the amount of waste that is generated in the cleaning process. This system of cleaning and the removal of soils, debris and chemicals from railway components is ideal for:

Use ultrasonic cleaning for:

  • Cleaning engine heads
  • Cleaning engine pistons
  • Removing debris from carriage wheel bearings in preparation for assembly
  • Cleaning diesel fuel filters
  • Cleaning diesel fuel pumps
  • Cleaning diesel fuel injectors
  • Removing carbon, paint and rust from components
  • Preparing electric motors for use following manufacturing or repair

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