Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning technology removes small particulate and adhering contamination from parts where entrapment areas limit or restrict access through mechanical means. We manufacture some of the most powerful industrial ultrasonic cleaners on the market, and also stock ultrasonic chemical suitable for use on sensitive metals such as titanium and alloys.

MSX ultrasonic cleaner

The latest range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment to be released by Kleentek! Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology built for most industries.

industrial ultrasonic cleaner

Powerful ultrasonic cleaners for commercial & industrial cleaning applications. Designed to exceed Australian Safety Standards.

benchtop ultrasonic cleaner

Our range of bench top ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for medical, scientific, electrical and hobby cleaning applications.

two bottles of kleentek ultrasonic chemical

We stock a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning chemicals to suit many different cleaning applications. Available to order online.

bottle of brulin industrial chemical

Industry Approved Chemicals Solutions. It all starts and stops with the highest quality cleaning products and processes delivered with the highest amount of care and attention.

metal machinery part cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner and chemicals

For custom and contract ultrasonic cleaning services please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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