Cleaning Commercial Printing Equipment with Ultrasonics

Improve your printing production time and extend the life of your anilox rolls and sleeves with the regular use of ultrasonic cleaning.

Using ultrasonics is one of the only ways to clean the individual microscopic ink cells on rollers. To efficiently and effectively clean these and other printing parts, Kleentek has developed methods that are able to be used with both aluminium and steel sleeves and rollers, as well as with all inks (including water-, solvent- and UV-based inks).

Ultrasonic cleaning saves money and minutes, resulting in faster production times. This cleaning method is effective at gently eliminating contaminants in the hard-to-reach spots of even the most intricate parts, extending their lives.

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Industrial & Mining Applications

Anilox Rollers

Kleentek’s custom-built anilox roller cleaner is a self-contained unit (with a pump/filtration system and overflow weir) to be sure that the ultrasonic cleaning process is filtered. This results in a longer tank life, and therefore saves you money. The machine’s rotation mechanism results in an even clean for high-quality printing.

Anilox Rolls (Gravure Cylinder Cleaning Systems)

Don’t worry about damage when you choose Kleentek. With our variety of gentle cleaning methods, your rolls will remain clean and free of contaminants and damage.

Blanket Wash Module Cleaning Systems

We know how hard it can be to clean blanket wash modules. Kleentek’s solutions give pressrooms a fast and effective way to maintain the quality of their print productions.

Glue Guns

Ultrasonics can clean even the dirtiest, most intricate parts, protecting them from contamination, extending their life and allowing them to look and work like new. Glue guns receive the same gentle cleaning that other printing parts and equipment receive.

Parts Washing

Whether you are a small or large printer, utilising Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning is the safe, smart and environmentally sound way to keep your parts free from contamination. Ultrasonics can clean ink trays, chambers and much, much more.

Plate Cleaning Systems

Keeping digitally produced printing plates in excellent condition is a must for the best print runs. Ultrasonic cleaning leaves plates undamaged and ready to produce high-quality results.

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