Diesel Particle Filter Cleaning and Overhaul


Note: This case study was undertaken by Kleentek partners, Brulin Holding Corporation (BHC or Brulin), the leading distributor of the Aquavantage cleaning solutions that Kleentek recommends and uses with their equipment.

One of the key services that Kleentek provides is diesel particulate filter cleaning and overhaul, a process used to remove particulate matter, carbon and ambient soils from diesel particle filters of various sizes, from a Ford Focus to commercial excavators.

The Challenge

Cleaning diesel particle filters can be a challenging and expensive process, they are frequently so clogged that water can’t even pass through the filter, and mild chemicals are ineffective against the soils. Incorrect cleaning can damage the part and/or fail to clean it effectively. 

The current cleaning process involves either discarding and replacing the filters (US$1-8,000 or AUD$1,400-17,000) or outsourcing the cleaning to a specialist overhaul shop.  

Kleentek sought an on-site solution to clean the filters at repair shops.


To meet the customer’s needs, Kleentek partnered with BHC, to provide an effective and efficient cleaning process. BHC recommended using AquaVantage 815QR-NF, a high-alkaline chemical cleaner that can dissolve binder, and effectively remove particulate matter, carbon, and ambient soils without damaging the filter. 

The process involves immersing the entire filter and housing into a 10-15% concentration of AquaVantage 815QR-NF at a temperature of 158°F/70°C. The filter is subjected to a 1-hour ultrasonic wash, then it is drained and dried with compressed air; the process is repeated another 3 times with a 5-minute water rinse and dry completing the clean. 

The equipment used was an Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning tank with a 20-40 gallon capacity and a 40 kHz frequency, to ensure the cleaning solution reaches all parts of the filter.


The diesel particulate filter cleaning and overhaul process within the tank is highly effective, restoring the filters to their original condition without causing any damage.

The partnership of BHC and Kleentek is enabling this cleaning process to be introduced to smaller automotive repair shops, so they can offer a cost effective and efficient cleaning service, in-house to their customers.

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