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Kleentek’s Ultrasonic Systems: The Ultimate Weapon Cleaning Solution

Law enforcement agencies, government departments, gunsmiths and enthusiasts around the world rely on Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning systems to clean their weapons and related components safely and efficiently. Why? Ultrasonics offers a fast and effective way to meet high levels of cleanliness – even more so than manual cleaning methods.

ultrasonic cleaning for firearms

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Firearms, other weapons and related components must be thoroughly cleaned so that they perform reliably each and every time. Unfortunately, the accumulation of carbon, oils and combustion products can impact their dependability.

ultrasonic cleaning for law enforcement

Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning methods remove residue such as dirt, powder build-up, loose lead and light rust – all while being environmentally safe. In addition, ultrasonics works on any size of weapon or other defence component since it cleans parts that are all but impossible to reach by hand.

Although ultrasonic cleaning is certainly effective on guns, its uses extend far beyond. Ultrasonics eliminates mineral buildup, dust, dirt, oils, carbon deposits and other contaminants that infect the heavy-duty equipment used in the toughest situations by forces in the sea, in the air and on the land.

The efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning results in cleaner weapons and related parts, even as defence teams are able to cut back on the number of cleanings. Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning is gentle, resulting in weapons and other parts that can be used longer. That saves you money, in addition to making it the environmentally responsible choice by cutting back on your use of power, water and detergents. No matter how complicated or intricate your weapon or other instrument, ultrasonic cleaning is the fast, efficient and effective solution.

ultrasonic cleaning for defence

Use ultrasonic cleaning for:

  • Guns – assault and precision rifles, handguns (pistols) and machine guns
  • Bomb racks
  • Hydraulics
  • Landing gear
  • Engines
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