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Kleentek understand the needs of your industry and strives to provide the best after-sales service to support you. Any interruption to your production process can put a great deal of stress on your personnel and management and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Services provided by Kleentek

When purchasing equipment from Kleentek you can be confident you are purchasing the best in Ultrasonic equipment. However, like any machine, ultrasonic tanks require appropriate maintenance and support in the field. Our factory trained service technicians are experienced in maintaining and operating our own ultrasonic systems as well as equipment manufactured by other ultrasonic companies

Extending machine life and its efficient operation are the immediate benefits of selecting Kleentek to service and maintain your equipment.

Different industries require different levels of service, validation and calibration. Our service contracts are tailored to your equipment and operating parameters to ensure you get the most value from your investment in Ultrasonic Technology.

By choosing a Kleentek maintenance agreement you will receive expert evaluation and troubleshooting before maintenance problems occur.  The combination of preventative maintenance, regular performance testing and repair are the key components that will ensure efficient operations and reduced machine downtime.

Our factory-trained technicians are ready to serve you throughout Australia.

The service hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm every week day (Monday to Friday) and our service department can be contacted by calling 1300 79 73 79.



Installation, Commission and Start-up Training


Machine Calibration

Kleentek can assist companies or organizations’ that are required by law or their internal standards and audits to have their ultrasonic equipment independently calibrated and certified.

User Training

Kleentek provides extensive machine manuals with each machine purchased, These will detail the machine and how ultrasonics works, it will  provide machine schematics and operator instructions that are easy to understand.

All of our machines are designed with intuitive operator interfaces, reducing the time required to familiarize the Operator with the machine. Self-monitoring diagnostics keep the operator constantly informed of critical operating parameters and our fail-safe mechanisms will safely shut the machine down if permissible dynamics are exceeded.

Kleentek offers hands on training for operators and management and can certify operators where requested. Periodic refresher courses are regularly conducted at our training facility or can be included during routine maintenance cycles for your personnel.

Kleentek will provide a team of trained service technicians to assist with your large ultrasonic equipment installations and to bring your system on-line. We will assist with equipment positioning, induction training and the filling of the ultrasonic tanks. We will monitor the on-site process through several production cycles and demonstrate all the process adjustments necessary for your own personnel to operate the system.

Before leaving your site we will ensure that the machine is meeting or exceeding the design specifications. We will ensure your production personnel are familiar with operating the equipment and we will ensure they are compliant with the WHS requirements’ for it’s safe operation.

We will prepare a post-project review to assist you in the integration of the equipment into your production and maintenance routines.

Installation & Commissioning is included for all TM ultrasonic machines and an optional inclusion on all other supplied equipment.

Installation, Commission and Start-up Training


Kleentek is regularly approached by companies interested in exploring the benefits that ultrasound technologies provides but who often do not have the technical experience or equipment to test and validate the application of ultrasound on their production process.

At Kleentek we are able to conduct feasibility trails and assessments. With years of experience we can easily recognise common attributes and apply these to achieve an effective solution.

Through our on-going research into new ultrasonic applications we often can offer a fresh perspective in solving intractable problems. New areas showing great promise include wastewater treatment, bio-diesel, pharmaceutics and de-scaling of pipes amongst many others.

Through a consultative process we can provide you with the facts, figures and reproducible results you need to make your assessment.

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