Sport, Music & Recreation

Maximize Performance and Extend Lifespan of Your Gear

You don’t need to stay on the sidelines for long with ultrasonic cleaning from Kleentek. Keeping sports equipment, musical instruments and the other items you use hard during your free time clean can be difficult, but it is essential if you want them to work at the highest levels for the longest amount of time possible. Ultrasonics saves you time and money, all while providing a safe, gentle cleaning to the gear you love.

Our ultrasonic range for Sport, Music, & Recreation:

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Sport, Music & Recreation

Bicycle Parts

Make a bicycle’s greasiest, dirtiest parts look and work like new again. The ultrasonic cleaning of parts like chains, gears, bearings and cables is safer, more efficient and gets parts cleaner than washing them by hand. Ultrasonics eliminates the dirt and grease in even the hardest-to-reach places, all without damaging the bicycle parts themselves.

Bowling Balls

Clean the dirt, dust and grime that contaminate your alley’s bowling balls. Using ultrasonics results in a consistent clean that extends the life of the bowling balls.

Golf Clubs

See how ultrasonic cleaning can eliminate the dirt, grime, perspiration and soap residue from golf clubs, resulting in superior ball control and tackier grips. What’s more, ultrasonics won’t damage the clubs nor remove brand names, paint or stickers, and golfers can use their clubs right after the cleaning.

Gun Clubs – Firearms

Keep guns and other weapons clean and ready to use. Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning solutions eliminate contamination in even the most intricate parts, extending their life while providing you with a fast and easy way to clean them.

Musical Instruments

Make instruments look just as good – or even better! – than they sound. Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning solutions make it easy, by allowing you to simply place instruments in a tank, remove them after they are cleaned and dry them off. No more harsh cleaners or disassembling of small, intricate parts. Ultrasonic cleaning is safe and fast for musical instruments of any age or value.

Power Sports

Save time and make more money with the help of Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning methods used for parts of motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, ATVs and more. Our fast and efficient processes clean outboard motors and other parts without harsh chemicals or time-consuming washes by hand.

Scuba Diving

Dive shops depend on ultrasonic cleaning to remove contamination from breathing apparatus, inflators, hose connectors and other SCUBA equipment. Ultrasonics helps keep parts like these working properly and eliminates rust, dirt, grease and more.

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