Commercial Cleaning

Ultrasonic Tanks for Commercial Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning methods have been used by commercial businesses in a variety of industries around the world for decades because of their ability to clean contaminated items of all types, from the most delicate to those that have been used in the toughest situations.

Kleentek’s ultrasonic cleaning not only makes difficult jobs easy, but also can save and restore items and equipment that you may have thought were beyond repair. That save you both time and money, all while using cleaning methods that are environmentally responsible, fast and efficient.

Kleentek is the answer for all businesses, whether their offices and equipment have experienced normal wear and tear or in the extreme circumstances of fire and water damage.

Our ultrasonic range for Commercial Cleaning:

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Commercial Cleaning

Blind Cleaners

Ultrasonics gives companies a fast and easy way to clean their blinds so that they look better than ever. No matter the size or the type of the blinds, ultrasonic cleaning methods can eliminate stains and odours like dust, grease and smoke.

Fire Station Equipment Maintenance

Help keep personal protective equipment like boots, helmets, jackets, gloves and much more clean and safe through ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonics extends the life of these hard-used items by providing a gentle yet extensive cleaning.

Water and Fire Restoration

Ultrasonic cleaning can eliminate the mould, mildew, smoke, soot and contamination that occurs to items after a fire or water damage. Ultrasonics is a safe way to clean even the most delicate items, such as chandeliers and light fixtures.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used for:

  • Ideal for cleaning complex components to remove contamination from heat exchangers.
  • Internal flushing systems work in tandem with ultrasonic cleaning technology to clean all types of heat exchangers including oil coolers, fluid to air coolers, fluid to fluid coolers, hydraulic coolers and air to air coolers.
  • Reduces the need to replace costly parts due to magnetite or lime scale build up.
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