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Industrial Ultrasonic Tanks for Mining & Heavy Industries

Ultrasonic cleaning provides reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions in mining facilities and industrial plants. Systems can be used to clean parts and components in the field, in mines, in industrial plants and within manufacturing facilities reducing the amount of time that it takes to render components safe, clean and ready for use. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is safe for use on metals, plastics, glass and nonferrous surfaces.

ultrasonic cleaning for mining

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Industrial & Mining Applications

Drag Lines

  • Ultrasonic cleaning is ideal for complex components.
  • Removes contamination from technologies found on drag lines.
  • Cleans internal and external surface areas of drums, sheaves, electrical motor overhauls, gears and bearings

Drill Bits

  • Removes all rust, dirt and grime to reveal hairline cracks, missing tungsten teeth, and other potential damage.
  • Removes flux residue after drill bit repair.
  • Extends the lifetime of cleaned parts.


  • Ideal for filter cleaning without hassle.
  • Can clean paper carbon particulate filters, diesel particulate filters, diesel particulate matter filters, paper air intake filters, stainless steel gauze filters, stainless steel sintered filters and plastic fiber dust filters.
  • Restores filers for increased life and reduction of operating costs.

Glass Bottle Manufacture

  • Ideal for mould cleaning, tool cleaning and cast cleaning of plastic, rubber and die cast components.
  • Abrasion free cleaning is fast, and efficient.
  • High levels of cleanliness extend the life of moulds and of tools.

Heat Exchangers

  • Ideal for cleaning complex components to remove contamination from heat exchangers.
  • Internal flushing systems work in tandem with ultrasonic cleaning technology to clean all types of heat exchangers including oil coolers, fluid to air coolers, fluid to fluid coolers, hydraulic coolers and air to air coolers.
  • Reduces the need to replace costly parts due to magnetite or lime scale build up.


  • Ideal for cleaning internal or external parts and components.
  • Set parameters and store process applications to easily perform selected operations at the push of a button.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning solutions ideal for hydraulic component overhaul.

Metal Finishing

  • Aggressively dislodges and removes stubborn solids from metal substrates without damaging fragile components.
  • Ideal for low volume cleaning for guaranteed performance and precision.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning minimises metallic contamination carry over to render components clean.

Moulds & Tooling

  • High-tech, low-labor cleaning for injection moulds, dies and tools.
  • Removes carbonisation, metals, gassing, flashing and other residues from moulds, dies and tools.
  • Environmentally friendly, highly effective and abrasion free to extend the life of process components.

Plumbing Fittings

  • Provides essential cleaning of oxide and other soils from copper fittings.
  • Penetrates crevices and hard to reach areas to deliver reliable, consistent cleaning action to copper fittings.
  • Removes oxidation, dust, dirt, oil and debris for proper fitting.


  • Ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas including non-visible surfaces.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning extends the life of parts and components without harming the environment.
  • Removes rust, paint, oils, dirt and debris to promote proper functioning.’

Saw Mills & Woodwork Equipment

  • Safely, effectively and efficiently clean saw blades and planner heads
  • Clean fiber and paper filters in extraction system to restore filters to full capacity.
  • Remove surface rust, glue, sap and other debris from equipment for improved operation and cost reduction.


  • Clean woven and non-woven tooling for improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology is ideal for spinnerettes, breaker plates and extrusion tooling.
  • Eliminate dangers associated with using or disposing of harmful chemicals.

Tools Cleaning

  • Clean tools flawlessly in preparation for manufacturing and service.
  • Remove rust, paint, oil, metal debris and grime from tools to restore functionality and use.
  • Extend the life of tools used for injection, moulding, die casting and production.
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