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Kleentek is recognised as being at the forefront of industrial ultrasonic cleaning and manufacture in Australia and New Zealand. We have a singular and clear vision to manufacture the world’s best ultrasonic cleaning machines and to provide strategic and operational support to our customers.

The Rapid Technological Advances

In the manufacturing and service industries are often dependent on achieving a verifiable and critical standard of cleanliness. Ultrasonics is increasingly being incorporated into production processes to meet these stringent requirements and to provide a reliable and consistent level of cleanliness.

Kleentek has been providing these solutions over many years to large domestic and international corporations both in Australia and globally. We consult and manufacture for numerous industry sectors including mining, marine, truck, diesel and auto, defence, aerospace, food and hospitality, education, medical and research, oil, gas and waste management.

Specialising in machine design, manufacture and servicing, we provide a full range of industrial ultrasonic cleaning products and services to supply all your needs from small single chamber benchtop ultrasonics machines to our large custom weir machines in excess of 4000 litres.

Inside a manufacturing facility

Research & Development

Experience gained through extensive research and development is at the core of every machine we design and manufacture. Our focus on research is aimed at improving our ultrasonic technology and optimising it for specific applications.

To ensure we stay at the forefront of global technological advances we have forged research partnerships with leading specialists in ultrasonic research. Our focus on continual product development has paid dividends and today we manufacture some of the worlds’ finest ultrasonic machines incorporating the very latest in proven and tested ultrasonic technology. We are actively involved in researching the use of ultrasonic sonicators in the purification of wastewater, pipe descaling for boilers and more.

Metal part being manufactured by machinery

Design Innovation

Our commitment to design is evident in every machine we manufacture, with class-leading designs that not only look great but provide cutting-edge performance.

Each part is regularly reviewed and subjected to rigorous analysis to meet and exceed Australian and International design and performance criteria.

CAD design of ultrasonic cleaning machine on computer screen

Quality Assurance

When you purchase from Kleentek you are guaranteed a machine that has been researched and rigorously tested to exceed our exacting standards. Our machines are subjected to numerous tests and inspections at each stage of manufacture. We thoroughly inspect for fabrication and component quality.

Finally, before any machine leaves our facility it must pass a 4-hour load and cavitations test. This benchmark report is included with each machine purchased ensuring we deliver on our commitment and reputation for reliability and quality.

As a Company, the management of Kleentek firmly believes that to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, we must ensure that our company culture enables us to fully understand and implement the concepts of Quality Process Management and are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Man and woman performing quality assurance in the manufacturing of industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment


Kleentek’s commitment to quality assurance means we can back all our ultrasonic machines with a 2-year comprehensive warranty. We warrant that electrical and mechanical parts are free from defects in workmanship and materials. We warrant that the equipment shall conform to and perform in accordance with all specifications issued by Kleentek at the time of the Product’s manufacture. Kleentek further warrants that any supplemental specifications accepted in writing by Kleentek prior to manufacture will be covered by our industry leading 2-year limited warranty.

Mechanic standing next to automotive engine that has been cleaned using industrial ultrasonic cleaning

Conformity Declaration

We thoroughly understand the standards our machines need to comply with to meet Australian & New Zealand electrical safety standards. We ensure our equipment is not only certified to AS/NZS 3100:2009 but also registered and compliant with the ERAC administered EESS (electrical equipment safety system).

All our machines have EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) compliance that is essential for use in laboratories, hospitals and electrically sensitive areas. It is important to note that as from March 2013 all electrical equipment intended for connection to mains electricity supply and for sale in Australia or New Zealand must be proven to be electrically safe and be marked to show compliance with this requirement. With Kleentek you have this assurance.

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