Fire & Water Restoration

Ultrasonic cleaning has been used by various industries in the US and Europe for decades. This method of cleaning is especially effective when cleaning items of intricate detail or unique configuration. The ultrasonic activity produced by high frequency sound waves cleans contaminated items inside and out. This unique cleaning method when properly applied is ideally suited for restoration applications.

Today, with advanced equipment, specifically engineered chemicals and detailed hands-on training programs ultrasonic cleaning has evolved as the preferred and most effective method of processing fire, smoke and water damaged contents.

Like other restoration related projects, successful ultrasonic cleaning requires education and know-how. Ultrasonic cleaning is series of procedures that involve the proper application of specialty chemicals and processes specifically related to the articles being cleaned. Understanding these procedures is essential in order to achieve optimum results.

Current users of ultrasonics are aware that a variety of standard and delicate household contents can be easily cleaned, especially hard surface items such as crystal, china, ceramics, ornaments, jewellery, glass and porcelains, etc. However most are unaware that ultrasonics is ideally suited for safely cleaning electronic components, computers, electrical tools and appliances when used with specialty liquids. Ultrasonics is also ideal in cleaning light fixtures such as chandeliers, fluorescent light fittings and diffusers. In addition to removing smoke residues and carbons, ultrasonics has proven to be extremely effective in restoring water damaged items. Contamination such as mould, heat scale and oxides are easily addressed using the ultrasonic process. Metal parts that have acquired rust as a result of water damage can usually be restored to their original condition.

Because of its capability and versatility, ultrasonic cleaning is becoming commonplace to the restoration industry. Properly used, ultrasonic cleaning yields consistent results while increases production and reducing cleaning times and costs.

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