New MetalKleen Automotive Ultrasonic Cleaners

Kleentek Advanced Cleaning Technologies is proud to introduce two new models in our flagship MetalKleen range of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines. The MetalKleen 190L and MetalKleen 270L are specially designed mobile machines for busy automotive service workshops, engine reconditioning and diesel servicing operators.

With the 190L and 270L we have replaced the standard button interface with a simple-to-use LCD touch screen control panel to access all cleaning settings. Both new models feature the same high-performance industrial BLT type transducer arrays as used in all of our MetalKleen machines.

The MetalKleen 270L

This machine features the largest tank in our MetalKleen range, and is also the only MetalKleen model to include a built in weir tank and automated liquid reticulation system. The Kleentek-designed triple interceptor weir system removes gross contaminants (grease, oils) from the tank solution, working in unison with a built-in sparger and twin cartridge filters of the liquid reticulation system. Solution quality is maintained for longer and disposal of contaminants is simplified.


The 270L features an impressive 20W per Litre ultrasonic power output and 6000W immersion heaters. The 270 Litre SS316 Stainless Steel ultrasonic tank is easily filled on-command by hose connection, and drained via a high quality 1″ two-piece ball valve.

The large dimensions of the 270L tank can accommodate most 4/6/8 cylinder engine blocks and heads, with a double-hinged lid for clear access to lift large engine components in and out of the tank.

Want to know more? View the MetalKleen 270L features and specifications in our Shop.

The MetalKleen 190L

The 190L combines a large tank capacity and simplified operation into a compact design to easily integrate into most workshops, taking up minimal floor space. With generous tank dimensions (L900 x W500 x H480mm) and impressive ultrasonic power output, the MetalKleen 190L has the capacity to greatly increase efficiency in workshop processes.


Like the 270L, the MetalKleen 190L features an LCD touch screen control panel for access to machine settings and cleaning programs, sound and heat insulation, a SS316 Stainless Steel tank for superior durability and corrosion resistance, and poly nylon castor wheels for mobility.

Want to know more? View the MetalKleen 190L features and specifications in our Shop.

For more information regarding the MetalKleen range, please contact Kleentek on 1300 79 73 79, or get in contact by email.

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